Under årets konferanse vil 20 prosjekter presenteres i en plakatutstilling.

20 prosjekter vil bli presentert gjennom en postersesjon. Posterne vil være i møterom Skagerak fra tirsdag kl. 1530 og hele onsdagen. I pausen tirsdag 1530 - 1600 vil prosjektmedarbeidere være tilstede ved sine postere.

Følgende prosjekter vil være presentert:

  1. Kristin Myklevoll, NTNU. Knowledge of the rural youth`s satisfaction with life.
  2. Ane Bjørnsgaard, Høgskolen på Innlandet. A wing stroke for a more health-promoting approach to measurement and public health efforts regarding youth mental health
  3. Bjørn Grinde, Folkehelseinstituttet. Infant environmental factors can contribute to negative feeling later in life.
  4. Ellen Eimhjellen Blom mfl, Høgskulen på Vestlandet og NTNU. Health-related quality of life and intensity-specific physical activity in high-risk adults attending a behavior change service within primary care.
  5. Jo Ese mfl, Høgskolen i Østfold. Important factors to ensure wellbeing in a whole-school setting – a photovoice study.
  6. Ingri Myklestad mfl, Folkehelseinstituttet. Personality, family and School influence on Adolescents Subjective Well-being: Results from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT).
  7. Kjetil Wathne mfl, OsloMet. On the Meaning of Pain among Immigrant women.
  8. Ragna Rygh Svela mfl, Tolkesentralen, Oslo universitetssykehus. Prevention of mental health burdens for interpreters working in healthcare.
  9. Vibeke Robertsen mfl, NMBU. Well-being among children and adolescents – walkability as a health-promoting factor in the built environment.
  10. Maja Eilertsen mfl, Bærum kommune/Folkehelseinstituttet. Effects of somatic and mental illness on subjective wellbeing: A discordant twin analysis.
  11. Gry Anette Sælid mfl, Folkehelseinstituttet. Positive mental health effects of the Coping With Strain (CWS) course on employees: a four-year longitudinal randomized controlled trial.
  12. Gry Anette Sælid mfl, Folkehelseinstituttet. Mind Power - A CBT based program for adolescents aimed at developing coping skills: an ongoing study on possible positive mental health effects after completed a randomized controlled trial
  13. Dag Helge Rønnevik mfl, NTNU. Stakeholders´ views on doctors´ role in public health.
  14. Line Solheim Kvamme, R-Bup Øst og Sør. Familien i Fokus – Trajectories of change in families receiving Child Welfare Services.
  15. Harald Eikeland Simonsen mfl, Healthline. La Linea® – a system for knowledge-based coordination of public health measures
  16. Lidia Santora mfl, NTNU. Interactive effects of factors associated with alcohol use outcomes
    reported by older adults: The role of quality of life
  17. Hildegunn Brattvåg mfl, Helsedirektoratet. A ten-year commitment for the promotion of mental health and drug prevention in Norway
  18. Eirin Hillestad mfl, Verdighetssenteret. A model for involving volunteers in health care
  19. The PROMENTA Research Group, UiO/FHI. PROMENTA – Recearch Center for Developmental Processes and Gradients in Mental Health.
  20. Jens Christoffer Skogen mfl, Folkehelseinstituttet. Two indicators of socioeconomic status and quality of life: Preliminary results from the public health survey in the Norwegian counties of Troms and Finnmark.